Hi, I am 



A fun and collaborative Product and UX Designer. A self-started, detail oriented and user-focused designer with excellent communication skills. I have a strong ability to multi-task and thrive in collaborative environments that embrace efficiency and best practices. 
I am open to new adventures and eager to bring some diversity to your team, learn new design methodologies, tools, and about other fields in need of an innovative and cohesive experience.
The Home Depot - B2B

My Process.

Have some coffee...
Understand vision and challenges
In the morning...
Brainstorm and sketch solutions and ideas for cool stuff
After lunch...
Research Users, Service/Feature and Competitors
Next morning listening to music...
Iterate quickly
and show someone
P.S.: Do this many times.
After one or two concepts are chosen...
Refine the experience and add some visual elements
Have some more coffee...
Create a prototype to 
test with peers and users
For the next 2-4 days...
Refine the experience and complete the visual design
After lots of discussions and important decision making...
Celebrate with a beer and assist devs until launch


User Experience Design

I like to think of UX as us guiding the user though a labyrinth quickly and effortlessly. All the complexity is hidden from the user behind a well designed, intuitive path that makes the user feel at ease and safe. 

User Interface Design

I aim to create a fun, visually stimulating experience for the user, while tying in the company’s brand as I help them develop their vision.

Design Thinking

With some sticky notes, a whiteboard and coffee I can tackle any user issues and needs. Getting teammates with other expertise in a room and facilitating a quick brainstorming session is what I'm all about. 

Branding Design

I am a true believer that every product and company needs an identity. A company's beliefs and mission is what can set them apart from all competitors. Let's find out your "why" together! Checkout my Branding Work

Design Research

What? Who? Where? When? and Why? To answer these I use tools such as user interviews, creating personas, journey mapping, competitive analysis, competitors analysis and user testing.


Growing up in a big family has prepared me for all types of collaborative environments. I enjoy having a team to share ideas with, get feedback from, and when time allows have a little ping pong match with.

Let's make it happen.

If you are in for some fun and productive collaboration, I am eager to hear from you!